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FORMS     Annual Health and Medical Record must be filled out annually for all scouts & scouters
  Routine Drug Administration Record must accompany scouts' medical forms
  State of Michigan DHS Clearance Registry Form
  DHS Explanation Letter to answer FAQs
  Merit Badge Counselor Application
  Eagle Scout Application
  2016 Eagle Scout Project Workbook NEW (If this doesn't open, try again, and click on the top of the screen, where it says to open using a different viewer.)
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Third party sites, such as those listed above, provide a vast variety of program resources, advice to leaders, and other materials. However, please be aware that these links are provided for information purposes and are not endorsed by the Great Lakes Field Service Council or Boy Scouts of America or Troop 271, Livonia. In some cases, the information provided may be out of date, misleading or incorrect.