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Parents: the next committee meeting ---
In the fall. See you then!

The next troop meeting will also be in the fall.

Saturday, August 22, 2015, at the Roelant Family's home

There is NO CHARGE for this event! Bring the whole family!

The Roelant family lives on Belleville Lake---that means there will be fishing! Bring your bathing suits for the pool at the Roelants'. And there is plenty of space for other activities--bring a game of your choice.

We will be planning lots of activities and lots of food. We will have a roast pig, cole slaw and potatoes. Beverage of choice will be the scouts favorite bug juice. Feel free to bring other favorite family-friendly beverages. If you can, bring a desert to pass.

If you want to spend the night Friday to help cook the pig contact Mr. Bonifield at bb2194@att.com or 248-219-1285. We will set up a couple of dome tents to sleep in.

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